What are the Advantages of Using Gel Pillows?

Nov 24, 2022

What are the Advantages of Using Gel Pillows?

If you have been to the bedding store lately, you must have heard about “Memory foam.” Memory foam is a viscoelastic polyurethane (a polymer) foam that softens in response to your body heat, slowly molds to your unique contours, and distributes your weight equally. This technology is now used widely to develop various bedding products, such as mattresses and pillows, which have become quite popular due to their ultra-level comfort and sleep benefits. 

The gel pillows are an advancement of memory foam technology. As you may have gathered from its name, a gel pillow is made of gel-infused memory foam, i.e., the memory foam infused with gel particles or beads. The gel spreads evenly throughout the memory foam to provide a cooling effect. If you are unfamiliar with gel pillows, we have got you covered. This article will explore what gel pillows are and what benefits you can expect from using them. 


What are the Benefits of Gel Pillows?

1. Help keep you cool and comfortable

Gel pillows are specifically designed to make you the most comfortable while you sleep. The fibers are developed to help you stay cool during the night, even when the temperature gets warmer. They are also more breathable than regular ones. 

The fibers of the gel pillows ensure higher airflow, which means it prevents you from getting all sweaty at night. The gel pillows also dissipate the heat generated by your body and allow you to relax. In addition, the gel pillows are adjustable according to your needs. You can add or take out pillow filling as per your desires. 


2. Designed for better sleep

Gel pillows are developed to help you sleep better. Some anecdotal evidence suggests that these pillows are beneficial for people who struggle with insomnia. Using them can help you doze off in no time. The pressure-activated temperature regulation technology of gel pillows allows you to relax in bed, relieve stress, and improve sleep patterns. 

We are not the princess in the “Princess and the Pea” story, but you probably cannot enjoy a sound sleep if your pillow keeps poking you or you do not find the proper support. With the ability to mold to your unique body shape, the gel pillows ensure you get the utmost support you need. 


3. Good for your skin

Gel pillows have skin benefits. Being hypoallergenic, these pillows confirm your skin stays out of contact with harsh allergens, thus saving you from breakouts. Improper sleep patterns and insomnia can also hamper your skin health. Gel pillows enable you to sleep better, thus making your skin healthy and radiant naturally. 

The build-up of heat and the accumulation of sweat and dirt on pillow surfaces can also be deleterious for your skin health. Unlike regular ones, gel pillows can help dissipate heat to some extent, thanks to their cooling technology. They are easy to wash and clean as well. 


4. May have multiple health benefits

Gel pillows are also known to have various health benefits. They are good for lumbar support and improve your musculoskeletal health. In addition, they prevent allergens from settling down, thus helping with allergies and breathing issues. They also improve your sleep quality, and better sleep equals to lesser risk of hypertension, anxiety, and depression. 



Things to Consider While Buying a Gel Pillow?

1. Design

Unlike regular pillows, gel pillows are made with memory foam that conforms to your body contour. These pillows are designed for you to sleep comfortably. No matter your sleeping style, gel pillows can be adjusted to your needs. 


2. Softness

Make sure your gel pillows are soft so that you are comfortable any way you sleep. As these pillows are made of memory foam, they can conform to the shape of your head and neck, thus relaxing the pressure joints. 

Also, consider the density of the pillow foam. Pillows with less dense gel fibers offer a more convenient airflow than regular pillows so that you can sleep comfortably throughout the night. Now, gel pillows are plusher and fluffier than other variants of memory foam pillows. Maintaining the freshness of the gel pillows is also pretty easy. You just have to air them out in a well-ventilated space. Also, check whether they are manually washable. 


3. Hypoallergenic Nature

If you are prone to allergies, the hypoallergenic gel pillows are a good fit for you. They are designed to keep away allergens from the pillow fibers. The covers of the gel pillows can also be easily taken off and washed to keep them clean. It is also safe for people with asthma, as dust particles and mites can trigger dust particles in regular cotton pillows. 


4. Warranty

Gel pillows are a little more expensive than regular ones. But, before investing in one, you must check the warranty for the pillow. The warranty on the pillows will also give you an idea about the pillow’s quality and longevity. 


Who Should Use a Gel Pillow?

Gel pillows do not discriminate. They are suitable for anyone who wishes to invest in them. However, if you frequently experience hot spells at night that do not allow you to sleep comfortably through the night, the cooling gel pillow can be your best friend. They also offer restful and uninterrupted sleep during the hot and humid summer days. 


The cooling gel pillows are also perfect for people with sleep troubles. According to the American Academy of Sleep (AAS), lowering the temperature of the brain’s prefrontal cortex can help relieve insomnia. 


The Bottom Line:

We hope this article has helped you get familiar with the multiple benefits of buying a gel pillow. Apart from having several health benefits, these pillows are cool and comfortable while sleeping. But they may have a few downsides too. They are expensive, yet not so durable. Also, the cooling gel-infused fibers inside the pillow can get clumpy with use. Nonetheless, it is a good investment for enjoying a good night’s sleep!