What are the Benefits of a Fitness Vibration Plate?

Nov 24, 2022

What are the Benefits of a Fitness Vibration Plate?

Vibration plates produce high-frequency vibrations that can cause your muscles to contract at a rate of 50 times a second. It helps your body to burn more calories faster, thus making your workout sessions more effective. Vibration plates have multiple other applications too. This article will explore the different benefits of Fitness Vibration Plates. 

What Does Fitness Vibration Plate Do?

Fitness vibration plates are devices you need to perform Whole Body Vibration (WBV) exercises. WBV has been under the scrutiny of researchers for a long time. Studies have revealed that using vibration plates for WBV can help stimulate muscles, improve lymphatic circulation, manage blood pressure, and enhance blood circulation and oxygenation. Let’s take a look at the different benefits of Fitness Vibration Plates. 


What are the Benefits of a Fitness Vibration Plate? 

1. It helps strengthens muscles

As we mentioned before, the vibration plate produces a high-frequency vibration that can contract your muscles faster than usual. In fact, during regular exercising, the muscles contract 2-4 times in a second. But, when using a vibration plate, you can expect to experience muscle contraction about 30 to 50 times every second. 

Further, while regular forms of exercise only affect 40% of your muscle fibers, a vibration plate can work on up to 90% of your muscle fibers. Thus, it helps strengthen your muscles and increases muscle density. According to users, adopting fitness vibration plates in your workout regime can also help you improve balance, coordination, and posture.



2. It boosts metabolism and helps lose weight

Vibration plates can stimulate your muscles to contract rapidly, thus using more energy. To compensate for the energy needed, the body boosts metabolic activity. As a result, you burn fat faster and lose weight more quickly. 


3. It improves immunity

The high-frequency vibrations you feel while using a vibration plate stimulate lymph nodes and increase lymphatic circulation. As a result, the immune system gets stronger and more effective in warding off infectious agents. The rapid muscle contractions also help boost blood circulation by stimulating the heart to function faster to compensate for the lost energy. Consequently, the blood carries more oxygen to the body cells, improving oxygenation and increasing your energy level. 


4. It promotes the synthesis of beneficial hormones

Vibration plate training stimulates the secretion of human growth hormones. The growth hormone is responsible for repairing and regenerating damaged muscle fibers, bones, and tissues. Whole-body vibration activities can also boost serotonin levels (the happy hormone) and lower cortisol levels (the stress hormone). As a result, it helps relieve stress and makes you feel relaxed and calm.


The Bottom Line:

Vibration plates are a good investment when you need to work on your muscles and lose weight faster. It helps strengthen your muscles and reduce joint pain, back pain, and spinal pain. It helps boost immunity as well. Vibration plates can also help you relax by boosting serotonin and lowering cortisol levels. You can check out the Energise Fit Fitness Vibration Plate for your workout session. It is equipped with triple silent motors and can be adjusted for 7 training modes.